Chicano Hippy in Purple,  2016 - performative photograph with decor

The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action. - John Dewey

Tio,  2019 - performative photograph 

This performative photograph is the result of various spontaneous variations of adornment and pose. The figurations were created through the continuous flow of still images inherent in video.  The final moments were chosen for the quality of dress, props, body positions and the projected "personalities".  These qualities put into question inherent or stereotypical ideas on gender, masculinity, femininity, and broaden the idea of what it means to be Chicanx.  While performing I draw spontaneously on ideas from within as I reflect on my image without - via a large mirror off-frame.  In this image, for example, the adornments and props and clothing became a sort of mashup between the image of Mexican revolutionary, (a common theme in Chicanx art) and the poses and presence of pop icons.  These final photographs are just a slice, a few frames from thousands of frames of video-made stills in which I evolved from one personae to another, sometimes simply by the sudden change in position or expression on my face.  The final assembled photograph is a split-screen effect that is featured in many of my video and photographic works.

FS 17,  2017 - performative video installation and photographic series.  Collaboration with Claire Bain

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