Little House of the Big Cry

Lizard Wash

(photo collage)     S3K artwork and music video

Set Extension : Extreme Makeover


Images of glass painting process for Island Zoetrope.

Screened: Chicago International Film Festival, 3rd Coast Film Competition, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Palo Alto Film Festival, regional win for experimental category - Student Film Awards: Academy of Motion Picture Arts, SF MOMA, NY MOMA.

    Desert Windows



Video art installation displayed as part of the

Alfred Hitchcock Film Festival at the Curve Theatre

in Leicester England, presented by the Cutting Room.

   Low Tech meets High Tech

Signs of Life  animation, live action, collage video

installation based on 17th century Flemish artwork.

Signs of Life

Signs of Life was partially inspired by planetary water rising and the BP oil spill that was occuring during the making. 

Hermit In Cave

 With Demons


Based on a story of the 12th century Tibetan yogi and poet Jetsun Milarepa and his cave visited by demons.

"Hmm, what should I do with this discarded box?  Maybe I will make a little dance studio."

© 2013 by Alfred Hernandez