Digging Up the Past

January 7, 2014

I've decided to dip into (unearth) memories from my childhood and put them into the video.  They may or may not move the story forward but they will give the video more life and texture.  Besides, I've been wanting to put together a video memoir for the last several years and often I wondered whether the best way to portray these stories from my past might be in an autobiographical fiction.  

The Numbers Station

One thing that I remember as a child was laying in the backyard with a sibling or two listening to the radio.  We would turn the dial all the way to the right or the left, where there were no longer numbered radio stations and as we delicately sifted through the changing static we would come upon the number stations.  The number stations would creep us out because we had no idea what they were about and imagined strange remote places out somewhere where people sat at microphones reading out numbers or playing tape recordings of the numbers out for who knows who to hear.  There were also strange sounding whirling machine noises which made me think of some giant radar antennae robots twirling over some desert location in Nevada or some place.  For some reason when it was a woman's voice it was especially creepy.  

Lines of Power

When I was young we would walk to Ramona Park, several blocks away.  It was built on a patch of land that was across from another patch of land that contain two power line towers from whose wires would make buzzing and ticking sounds above us.  You could mostly hear them in the night when people went indoors.  

I've decided that these two things of our technological times must make it into the video.  Perhaps my character tunes in and listens to the numbers stations just for fun or inspiration.  Perhaps he lives across the towing power line towers.  I'm thinking still that the dragon in the video somehow has a relationship to technology.



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