January 17, 2014

The Little Red Radio


I went around to four thrift stores (two Goodwills, a Salvation Army store, and some local new-to-you store), and couldn't find a radio older than something from the 1980s.  Most were boom-boxes or had LED readouts - too modern. I wanted something from the 1960s or 1970s. I decided to go onto Craigslist and there was a great find - an old transistor radio from the 1960s, and even better, it was red!



More Serendipities in Red


Upon thinking about red this morning I realized that my name, Alfred, contains the word RED.  ALF-RED, or RED-ALF, red elf?  The ALF part of my name comes from the word ELF. In Old English - Aelfraed, meaning "elf counsel." Then there is Alfrid, meaning old peace. Other meanings of the name are: sage, wise, Elvin. Maybe this is why I've always wanted to grow to be a wise old man, and also why, with short hair I am all ears.



The Little Red Elf


I decided that I liked the idea of a red elf because we always think of elves as being more on the green side. I typed in "red elf" in an image search and mostly there were images of female elf fantasy characters dressed in red, almost Santa outfits but with pointed ears and donning arrows, etc. Then there were the Christmas-type elves, the Little Santa's Helper types. But what I didn't find were red skinned elves. That was what I wanted to see and did not see. The idea came to me that the video can contain a red elf. The red elf can pop out of the ground like in the story of a telecine operator who was transfering my footage for my film Jump Fence and how the guy saw the shots of the ground opening up and flashed back on a memory of when he was a child and the ground opened up and a little man popped up and spoke to him.


My elf can be a red-skinned elf. Of course this thought led me to the depictions of the devil as being the red skinned man with pitch fork and pointed tail.



Red Elves in the Ground and in the Sky


During this image search I found two other images that struck me. One was of a red newt. Someone had named the picture "red elf" mistakenly because the name of the animal was actually "red eft." Still, I liked the idea of the red newts (efts) wiggling in the ground under leaves as my character digs in the ground (digging in the ground being one of the current story elements that is sticking).


Another image that came up was of a glow in the sky and it turned out to be a phenomenon in nature that happens high in the sky called a red sprite. (Red sprites, blue jets and elves are upper atmospheric optical phenomena associated with thunderstorms that have only recently been documented by using low light level television technology. These phenomena are collectively called Transient Luminous Events (TLE's). As observations continue, scientists are collecting a confusing menagerie of phenomena.)


Interesting, because I had the idea of the red glow in the sky and one of these phenomena is called a red elf, a halo like cloud of upper atmospheric optics. Pretty cool.

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