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January 22, 2014

Poster Art


This is artwork I am continuing to generate.  The point of this artwork is to set the stage for the video that will partially take place in a bedroom.  This will be the opening scene.  The character, (named Elmo?), will be hanging out in his bedroom listening to the radio.  Upon his walls and door are artwork that may be original art or commercial posters or record album covers.  It is one of those rooms where someone plasters their walls with images.  In this case the images will be in black, white and red.  A master of film poster art is Saul Bass.  I think of his style because he is famous for creating simple but bold images in black white and one other color. 



Thinking From the End


The Image on the left I decided can be a good image for an actual comic book cover or poster for this video.  I've decided to use the image and place the working title Sububan RED on it floating in the sky and it looks pretty good.  Wayne Dyer, the inspirational speaker, has said that it is good to "think from the end," to imagine the video you are making showing on television or the book you are writing stacked on display in a bookstore or a song you are writing played on stage before a large croud. He says "Begin with the end in mind.  Start with the end outcome and work backwards to make your dream possible."  With a poster of the film, I am also chalanged to "live up to" that poster with a good video that matches the tone and the story of the image. 



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