January 28, 2014

 Images and Story Elements


These are the most recent prop posters that I made for Suburban RED.  Some of the imagery contains, what I call, story elements.  Anything in a video that can lead to a larger story, or is a small story unto itself, I call a story element. An example of a story element is for Elmo to be tuning into and listening to the numbers stations. Is this something that he just happened to do this day? Is there a reason why he is tuning in to them? Does he do this all the time? If he isn't trying to do something or find something through the numbers stations, then what purpose does listening to them have for him? All these questions are stories that could be told. Each question can lead us to a small story or a large story or the story of the whole video. I consider it a story element when it has possibilities. If it becomes the main story then it is no longer a story element but the story. Then the lesser story possibilities become story elements.


Today I decided to make a list of the various story elements that I have so far.  A next step might be to make concept art illustrating each of these story elements.



More on the Black, White and Red MOTIF

Red against black and white has been the main motif I am working with.  The scene where Elmo sees the red streak in the sky starts in the night - BLACK, and within Elmo's room could be seen all the red of the artwork on his walls - RED, this scene is lit up by and will have the light source of a desk lamp pointed in the direction of the camera - WHITE.  When Elmo goes out into the night backyard to see what might have landed in the ground he walks to the spot and the ground is charred black - BLACK, he puts on a flashlight so that he can see and there is a little white smoke coming from the ground - WHITE, then he starts to dig and eventually finds a red marble - RED.  It might be fun to figure out a way to make the colors motivate the story, even in an order.  For example, the black leads to the red and the read leads to the white, etc.  Makes me think of one of the very first things that led me to this project - I was feeling the color red in my mind's eye and I imagined black pushing through and making its self present.  (Makes me think of birth -  the birth of a baby with black hair might look this way.  Black pushing through red.)



The Importance and Fun of Variety


My character's room is filled with posters of a music band.  The color scheme, like the color scheme of much of The White Stripes, is black, white and red.  I am sticking to this as the main thing that connects the poster art.  Otherwise, I decided that it would be good for the artwork to look as if it was made by different artists and for the images to be made using different approaches and mediums (materials).  In the photos above the alien-like, elfin creature is made from paper cut-out style, mostly cut black and white card stock paper glued to the red.  It was a challenge because I don't usually produce artwork in this way but quickly I found it to be a wonderful way to create an image because I could easily and quickly move the cut pieces around and find the compositions and flip them over or just try something and it would either not work or be a nice surprise in how well it worked.  The image on the lower left was made up of manipulated photographs.  I basically changed the colors of the photos to turn them to either black and white or bring out the reds in them as then typed letters onto them, then printed them out on photo paper.  The good thing is that this piece has a shine to it because it is glossy and has different texture therefor than the others.  The one of the eye is acrylic painted on Bristol board and I imagine the bedroom reflected in Elmo's eye.


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