February 2, 2014

This mask is nearing its final stage but first it was good to photograph it and wear it so that I can get a sense of what needs to happen to it next.  I think it will have ears next and perhaps a little hair.  What comes through in the video is a very alien look to the character.  I might like that and the possibility that it implies that tales and legends of elves and other fantastic and legendary creatures may have been aliens.  I'm liking the eyes though making them all black was just an idea.  I may paint it up more but first it would make sense to see what it looks in the dark with minimal lighting.  As I sat the mask head on my living room table and worked on my computer, the light from the window was also casting a shadow that moved about as the trees outside blew in the breeze.  I liked the way the shadows moved against the face and allowed for a way to cover up some of the roughness or unfinished or lumpy qualities to the mask.  I might decided to use this effect for the final video. 


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