May 16, 2014

Maybe I'm Amused


Sometimes I am working on a project and something that seems totally unrelated begins to grab my attention and I want to respond creatively.  Though these muses aren't directly connected to the current project it always seems useful and important to creatively delve into them nevertheless, at least as a short respite away from the project.  It seems that even if it draws some attention off of the project, that too will be a good thing because the mind will return to the project with new information and experience drawn from following the muse. 




FRACTALS , or, Those Repeated Self-Similar Objects in the Mind's Eye


I was musing about these landscapes that sometimes I see when I close my eyes and there, I see the shuffle of colors and dissolving images as if photos drift and stretch and become overcome by kaleidoscopic whirls of shape and color, and little points of light or dark cluster together and they seem to be getting generated by the blood cells and energy coursing naturally through me.  Sometimes these clusters move and dance and wiggle about like little amusement park rides made up of colored plastic balls or little inner tube blood-cell shapes.  Some things float about while others are fixed to the "ground" and undulate like little gray and faceless Michelin Men.  There are rows of them, as if crops of endless rows of stacked colored abacus beads, which, when focused on, seem to be made up of skin cells made up of an enmeshed billowy hexagon texture that goes on endlessly.  I use to dream of this kind of landscape and sometimes it would frighten me, especially when I saw rows of similar metallic objects pass before me as if on an invisible conveyer belt and suddenly the objects that rolled into view seemed to be bent, melted, malformed or disturbed.  I'm not sure why that was so deathly scary to me.  It seemed like some entity was creating this image in my head during times that I had fever dreams and other feverish deliriums, which, it seemed, I lad a lot of as a child.


I was riding on the train, (which is an act of repetition in its self, rows of wood laid out beneath the tracks, rows of whirring steel wheels, gears of the engine revolving, rows of seated people, rows of windows, rows of houses passing outside, rows of trimmed shrubs, etc.) and I suddenly felt fascinated by the idea of creating this mind scape, at least a semblance of it or, in the words of painter Georgia O'Keeffe, an "equivalent" of it.


"I had to create an equivalent for what I felt about what I was looking at - not copy it. ”
- Georgia O'Keeffe





Type "fractals" into an image search and you will get all types of images, from simple constructions made up of triangles to computer generated artworks (often titled fractal art because the images are generated from fractal generating and manipulating graphics programs) and inevitably you will find images of what is called the Mandelbrot Set.  I was instantly fascinated by the Mandelbrot Set and how the image was (I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this...) made by a sort of graphed out mathematical equation that, for lack of better words sends the follower of the results of the equation into a sort of hamster wheel that doesn't just spin in one place but spirals as if like a zooming lens or a star ship into infinity.  The equation is about infinity and somehow the image that was created through the equation, though not an actual thing, but a visual representation of this equation is also infinite.  A computer that has generated this image can zoom endlessly into parts of the Mandelbrot Set image and keep zooming as the image expands and expands with variations of shape while every now and then (and for infinity) this same Mandelbrot image shows up.  "Within" (because that is the only way for me to describe it) this image world are these self-similar shapes of the Mandelbrot Set and what are called Julia Sets.  Some people have posted videos which zoom endlessly into sections of the image but can only capture up to whatever a video sight or their video system allows. 

( )




Low-Tech Meets High-Tech Equivalent of Fractal Imagery


I decided to do something in the direction of fractals and these images that might appear in my mind's eye and thought I would at least build a little Michelin Man-type creature from clay.  While walking to my car from the train station I noticed little berry type things within the leaves of a bush and immediately I thought "fractals!"  I broke off a couple and when I got home I stuck them on my little clay Michelin Man appendage (like stacked inner-tubes) and then put that on the center steel nub of the record player and turned the player on so that it revolves.  I had to dress the player up in red to act as a red-screen for color keying out the background.  I constructed the "bugs" out of this revolving construction, thus making an object in a fractal (self-similar, repeating) fashion. I wasn't sure how much to continue on this project and mostly wanted to see my bug floating in 3D and so decided to use footage from my video titled Innerhoop as a background. 



So What, About Fractals


I'm not sure how any of this effects my project but I do know that I would like to start planting seeds for a future project so I titled this fractal side ditty project BLUE, as in Suburban BLUE.

In some point in the future I do want to explore in a video something about what I call the Innerhoop, it is sort of a portable portal that can generate or access a wormhole.
















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