January 9, 2015

The Full Spectrum

One of the original ideas for Suburban RED was to illustrate the idea of the Shadow Self.  Loosely, this is about parts of ourselves that are hidden from ourselves but are there and may even have a life of their own.  I decided that the character in Suburban RED would be expanded and as the video progresses becomes a character of a different personality or different cultural milieu.  Or, the character finds that he once was (as if) someone else.   Then I decided that Suburban RED with its milieu and character can be followed by Suburban BLIE with the new character (embodied by the same person, a different aspect of the self)  whose bedroom reflects a different milieu and outlook.  Then Suburban GREEN would do the same in a whole other way.  


Snake Skins

A player in the world and story of Suburban RED is the giant snake.  I was brainstorming and shooting scenes for the Suburban BLUE segment and I saw a program on television and the man was talking about how in many cultures the snake is seen as a sacred animal or is a sacred symbol.  This was Joseph Campbell talking about the Power of Myth, on a show of the same name.  He said the snake becomes a symbol of shedding one's skin, of rebirth.  Coincidentally the scene I was shooting at that time dealt with the character going into his closet and pulling out an outfit that reflects a different aspect of his self.  A personality that he does not show in public to anyone.  He then sets up his camera and takes pictures of himself, posing in ways that clearly project someone else (perhaps someone he would like to be if he was more outgoing) but not his own public personality.  
This scene then inspired the next scene, the discovery of discarded clothing in the character's backyard - shedded snake skins.  

A Room Is a View

I decided that each story segment, now titled by their color, RED, BLUE, and GREEN would contain that color motif.  Therefor, Suburban RED is filled with red things and the character inhabits a red filled room.  In Suburban BLUE, he would be in a blue room and in Suburban GREEN, a green room.   What has been an interesting part of the film making process is that I am living "on the set," the video takes place in the room I currently sleep in.  I've been curious to see if each color inspires images or ideas or dreams.  So far I've had one dream that I am painting a wall white but as I stand back it looks pink and then I realize it is because the previous wall color was a metalic purple.   Each colored room definitely inspires me to notice that color all around me.  I'm not concerned about what each color means, only how they may or may not inspire story.


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