Yellow Orange Room

July 28, 2015


Purple Room, Yellow Room

I thought I would make this video that documents my process a bit.  This video shows some of the artwork, minatures and design for Chapter 5: Suburban YELLOW ORANGE.  

Purple and yellow are, in a way "opposite colors."  If you mix purple paint with yellow paint you get a shade of gray or a grayish brown.   Purple in the computer, if "inverted" or put in negative will appear yellow, and yellow will become purple.  

Blondes Have More Fun?

I was going to skip the colors yellow and orange and then, as usual, one thing led to another and here I am.  It started with the idea of bleaching my hair and going blonde.  I've never come close to doing anything like this but then I remembered how, for a short while, as a teen, I was concerned with figuring out how to lighten my skin.  I  felt that the lighter I appeared the more I would be accepted by others.  Lightening my hair color would be a perfect way of exploring this sad aspect of assimilation where a person is pulled to be someone other than who they are in order to fit in.   In the spirit of memoir, this was an aspect of self that I just couldn't pass up, and I felt that if I could just have a moment where I show up in the video as blonde then it would add dimension and depth.  I am still keeping in mind a way to reflect the Chicano diaspora and this would be an important aspect from my own life.  It would also be such a contrast to all the other "characters" in the video.  I don't think I will be going for being fully blonde.  The process in getting there is more involved than I would like, and I will settle for an orangish hair, which is what happens with a first bleach.  My hair being black does not bleach to blonde easily.  Orange is fine because that is the other color in this chapter's motif.  I'm planning for a short shooting schedule so I don't have to have the hair color for long. 

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