A Dragon in the Backyard

February 8, 2016


This shot features practical effects combined with more high-tech effects that were also mostly achieved through practical effects style.


I had a choice to shoot the bar-b-q fire pit, backyard scene using the actual live action location or use a miniature of the bar-b-q that I had previously made (from a discarded milk container and cotton balls dipped in glue for that lava rock texture). I decided that high-tech or low-tech, we all know dragons don't exist, but if I could bring out a more physicality through models, that might be better than a polished CG effect only built in computer that doesn't have as much a sense of actual weight and texture.


The funny part is that the shot happens so fast and short in the final video that, while all the little details give life and intrigue to the image, the main thing that registers is that a big dragon head comes out from behind a bar-b-q pit and roars. 


This is the last shot in chapter 6 of Suburban RED.

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