Suburban RED : Chapters Trailer 2017

July 26, 2017



This trailer reflects the episodic nature of Suburban RED.  Though the film will not have chapter breaks or title-cards that will mark each chapter, the project was conceived with the idea of chapters in mind.  There was a Suburban BLUE in mind just as I had finished writing RED, and each chapter is marked by the changing room with its various colors and the wardrobe and even personality of the main character.  The names of the chapters sometimes came to me before the filming process and story building began. 




The ideas in Hermann Hesse's Steppenwolf had begun to enter the story of Suburban RED and the development of the "character/s".  I don't even know if it is in the book or not, but an image that pops into my mind about the ending is of a place (whether physical or mental) where the main character can choose not only the two personalities he found himself falling into, but a multitude of multiplying personalities.  The image is of masks and a circling parade of costumes and personalities.  


One guiding idea at the start of writing Suburban RED had to do with the Shadow Self.  In a loose sense of the idea, the parts of ourselves that may be secret to us or that may only come out in unconscious ways.  This idea seemed to mirror some of my experiences I had living, in a sense, double lives.  It is especially easy to see when I think about  cultural assimilation and I was encouraged or forced to adapt to one culture while figuring out ways to hold onto or let go of another.


Steppenwolf has been the best novel for me that spoke about these complexities of duo or multiple

choices in culture or personality.



"You will have to multiply many times your two-fold being and complicate your complexities still further. Instead of narrowing your world and simplifying your soul, you will have to absorb more and more of the world and at last take all of it up in your painfully expanded soul, if you are ever to find peace."  -  Herman Hesse Steppenwolf


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