This is a sampling of a variety of styles and approaches to film and video that I have made through the years.  They are often hard to place in regard to genre of form but show the possibility of video art making as an adventure in creative process.  I studied as a fine arts painter and as a filmmaker and have been involved in the experimental film world.  This collection of work reflects my wish to delve into every aspect of film and video making, from animation, special visual effects, photography, editing, performance, movement and acting as well as conceptual thinking.  The videos below are not shown here in HD or even full resolution DV but can be available to anyone interested. 

Video Installations / Video Art

The Gardener - Video Installation Loop

This video peice is in response to global warming and the rise of water levels and is inspired by the work of Pieter Bruegel.

Jump Fence  (part 1 only)

A dream tale of emotional and spiritual rebirth. A youth's journey is guided by spirits that haunt and help him.  A venture into the psychological healing power of art making.  A type of gestalt therapy psychodrama with role playing and work with masks.  Exorcized a few emotional demons in the process.

California Freeway Rant

A verbal and visual rant, like the inner voice of someone who feels his soul is lost and disconnected from the land at 75 miles per hour. I had shot a lot of Super 8 film of the freeways from SF bay area to LA in glorious black and white and have wanted to mix writings with personality in voice.

Message to Space

Experiments in video collage and animation with many influences from Bruegel, Hieronymus Bosch, William Blake, William Kentridge, with various miniatures and paintings and artwork of mine. Includes claymation, paper animation and my Myriorama ladscape puzzle.


This was an effect for a narrative video in which a vortex field of pure potentiality vibrates within a hoop creating a wormhole of sorts.  I like how the video stands on its own as video art that can be played with music like a computer visualiser or a projection for a rave..

Evolumation: doves whale girl dancers

I was inspired by the film "The Mystery of Picasso" where he plays and invents while he paints and the stages of the artwork are captured on film.  The final artwork is the video as the painting is destroyed.  It's a process of finding an image, accenting it and letting it go.

time-lapse painting : an essay

Tracking a painting in it's wandering development.  One 3 second shot every

5 minutes.  Reflections on the topics of non-committal artwork and capturing developing paintings with video.  Process

and play over final product. 

© 2013 by Alfred Hernandez